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played by millions, known by few.

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Enter the Panda

this is the game that started it all.

Built around 4 players, combining strategy, partner-play & chance - PANDA is the basis of revered eastern games such as Tai Pan & Zheng Fen & many Western games such as Poker, Euchre & Bridge. Travelling continents, languages and time - the time is now to play the ultimate card game.

If Poker is Checkers, this is Chess.
— Andy Paub

how to Play

stirringly complex, simply addictive


PANDA does not pride itself in being a complicated game, but one that has so much depth and so much to learn that no one can truly call themselves a master.


Climbing Game

Each player in turn must play a higher card (or combination of cards) than the previous player. A player who cannot or does not wish to beat the previous play can pass.

The Hands

Starting with single-card, double-card and triple-card gameplay through to full-houses, straights and the deadly four-of-a-kind, the players who use their arsenal wisely are often the most victorious. 

How to win

Commonly played until a pair reaches 1000 points - the aim is to accumulate points during each round by collecting point-worthy cards. However this is compounded by the strategic advantage of finishing first.

Finally - the ultimate declaration. Panda. 


The cards



 A tale of deception, conquest and honour.

Rumoured to pre-date the earliest dynasty's of Japan and the East - this story not only redefines our misconception of a great creature, but puts into context ancient rivalry and the ultimate consequences of failure.


the clans

After the theft of the Panda, the 4 ruling families were embarrassed and relegated from the royal ruling class. Marginalised from direct rule over the kingdom but still within the shogunate - tantalizingly close to power because of their wealth and perceived loyalty.



Symbol: Tea
Summary: Opulent, Traders, Aristocrats
Theme: Nobility



Symbol: Lotus Flower
Summary: Elegance, Beauty
Theme: Zen



Symbol: Rising Sun
Summary: Intimidation, Violence, Conquest
Theme: War



Symbol: Hammer
Summary: Dark, Craftsman, Rugged, Raw
Theme: Industry

A millenia-old classic reborn
— Scott Dickface

Casino quality cards printed by Bicycle Cards. Vegan ink. Limited edition.

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